When it rains it pours

by admin on March 26, 2010

This was my Facebook profile picture for a while … a test pattern.  Why?  Because my TV career was temporarily off the air.  I was the Indian … the National Anthem … RGB registration … I had concluded my broadcast day.

I spent my off-air time eating better, exercising more, developing my dance calling and family dance avocation into more of a career, and shmoozing my ass off.  Don’t believe me?  Well check this out ..

My ass -- shmoozed off

And it has paid off.  I have writing work.  I have development work .  I have calling work.

I’m “writing” a docu-follow for Discovery Health about a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Purrrr-fect for me!  Kisses to LMNO and Kathy Williamson and Ruth Rivin!

I’ve got a hush-hush treatment out there in interesting hands that may become a great great project.  More later …

And I have my first artist-in-residency coming up April 10th when I fly off to Sitka, Alaska for 2 weeks to teach the children of Sitka how to barn dance.  I plan on blowing the roof off the joint.

I’ve also been having a lot of magical encounters with people and nature and the universe.  And my home and family are good … there’s even a FB fan page now called “I feel empty when there’s no Latke Tuesday …”

I must be doing something right.

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