ONE HOT TOMATO! Most Fun you can have in L.A. this weekend!

by Susan on May 20, 2010

Hey kids!  There’s a Free Square Dance at LACMA [Los Angeles County Museum of Art] this Saturday 5/22 noonish to 3…

I’m calling, Triple Chicken Foot is playing and we made the L.A. TIMES HOT LIST! Come out for art, dancing, and tomatoes. Here’s the LA TIMES LINK:

Click to enlarge...

Now look kids, the escalators are not “rides,” though I confess I have enjoyed the numerous views offered all along the steep paths and the various landings. It is so high I have to hang on to the rail at times! :-)

And be sure to walk amongst these seemingly common LA Street Lights – a gorgeous outside art exhibit that reminds me of an older and slower Los Angeles that my parents enjoyed. This display seems to capture the imagination of some of the geeky visitors.

Hope to see you at the Dance!

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