How I lost 50 pounds

by admin on March 26, 2010

Those of you who know me are well aware that I have been under-employed of late.  After 22 years of a steady stream of WGA writing work, I hit a dry spell.    Between September of 2009 and the day before yesterday I had  so little work I had to remind myself that I was much of a writer at all.  What did I do beside freak out?  I lost 50 pounds.

Before -- and, no, wetsuits don't make everyone look thinner

So far -- and, yes, those are the beginning of abs

Wanna know how?  Keep reading…

The simple answer is I stopped eating carbohydrates.  I try to keep it under 100 grams a day.  I can still have the things I love like half and half in my coffee and salad dressing and bacon but refined anything is off the list and off my lips.  Pasta is a garnish.  I also walk, swim, hike, or dance 6 times a week.

But the real secret to my weight loss success and the reason I have been able to apply the kind of discipline it takes to eat right and exercise well is because everything else in my life has been out of control.  I am an intense person.  I need work.  Without much writing work, I was a menace to society.  I needed something to “DO” with myself.

Back in September, I went on a job interview and realized within 30 seconds of meeting my prospective 27-year-old employer that her first impression of me was that I was fat (read lazy/undisciplined).  Yikes! I spent almost the whole interview trying to overcome that first impression with my acerbic wit, dynamic personality and fabulous talent.   It was exhausting … and I didn’t get the job.  So I figured, if I was going to have any chance at all in the “real world” of work I had better get my outside to match my inside.  I researched diets and picked the one that seemed like it would work for me.

The AHA moment …


So that’s how I have spent my unemployment … I could go on and on about what a head trip it’s been and maybe I shall … in another post.  For now, I will simply say … I feel good and I would kill for a doughnut.

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