Raven Radio Star

by admin on April 14, 2010

Cable House -- Home of KCAW 104.7 Raven Radio, Sitka, AK - Click to enlarge

Very candid shot of me with Raven Radio host Robert Woolsey - Click to enlarge

Tuesday morning I was invited to do a radio interview at the local public radio station KCAW 104.7 aka Raven Radio.  The interview took up the 10-minute local news block during NPR’s Morning Edition which made me feel like something of a VIC –Very Important Caller!

Link to Radio Interview at end of Article

Host Robert Woolsey has a terrific style and voice and I felt right at home.  The interview was ostensibly about my work as the Artist in Residence at Keet Gooshi Heen Elementary School and I was joined on the radio by new friend, fiddler, and local caller Dorothy Orbison who was helping promote our big Barn Dance on the 24th.  Robert Woolsey did his homework, tho, and the interview went from my work with kids, to the history of dancing, to MY history of dancing, my marriage, my TV writing, even my brother!   It was super fun and a bit nerve wracking to be such an open book in such a public place but hey only 9000 people at most heard it, right?
Oh … you can hear it too …right  here: Raven Radio Interview
Stay tuned for more articles as I have almost two weeks left here in Sitka. Alaska.

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