The Pentagon, Secret Societies, Carlos the Jackal, and A Big Freaking Wave

by admin on January 6, 2010

Susan Michaels and R. Lee Ermey filming on Iwo Jima

Susan Michaels and R. Lee Ermey filming on Iwo Jima Click PIC to enlarge

It’s all in a day’s — make that a fortnight’s — work for your favorite non-fiction TV writer.

Tonight on the Military History Channel at 10pm you can catch my fabulous Pentagon documentary written for the cranky yet lovable Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey.  If you know me, listen for the subtle clues that the archetypal hawkish Gunny’s words came out of the mind of a liberal, pacifist mom.

Then, on January 11 at noon on History International, it’s the umpteenth airing of Secret Societies.

History Channel's Secret Societies

Secret Societies

You might want to make up a drinking game based on how many times I use the words “perhaps,” “allegedly,” and “Could it be that…?”  On second thought, forget I said that. I don’t want anyone dying of alcohol poisoning.

On January 14 you’ll get 2 chances to catch my work on History Channel (now called simply History) when there are 2 airings of ROGUE WAVES!

History Channel's Rouge Waves


Arrrrrrrrrrgghghgggghhhhhh at 10am and 4pm.  This program is a fine example of how I can take 27 seconds of great footage and make it last for an hour!

And also on History International on January 19 at noon, it’s one of my favorite docs … Carlos the Jackal.

Osama bin Laden's predecessor Carlos the Jackal

Osama bin Laden's predecessor Carlos the Jackal

Before Osama Bin Laden and September 11, 2001, Venezuelan madman, Ilich Ramirez Sanchez, known as Carlos the Jackal was the world’s preeminent terrorist.  I was the perfect go-to gal to write the definitive History Channel documentary about Carlos the Jackal.

The name Carlos the Jackal is synonymous with political terrorism in the 1970s. He was rumored to be the mastermind behind the Munich Olympic tragedy, the hijacking of an El Al jet in Uganda and the bombing of Pan Am 103. Six years after his arrest, the true story of Carlos the Jackal can be told. Was he as ruthless as people said or was his legend larger than life?

My favorite “moment” in the doc and in the life of this bloodthirsty sociopath was the “Jackal’s” botched attempt to blow up a Paris bank by throwing his pipe bomb through a revolving door.  The door “revolved” the bomb right back out where it failed to detonate as intended and injured only Carlos the Jackal.  Oops.

This was written a few years ago but it is still great if I don’t mind saying so myself (and I don’t mind).

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