Happy Birthday, Gene Hubert

by admin on December 27, 2009

Gene HubertAfter writing more than 100 episodes of the TV show “Sightings,” I’ve gotten pretty cynical about mystical, metaphysical and “paranormal” phenomena.  But this morning I had a visitation from the spirit realm.  It started with a phone call at about 8:45 am.  As the phone rang, the computerized voice of my Caller ID intoned …

… Hubert Gene Hubert Gene Hubert Gene

Strange, I thought.   Gene Hubert died almost 4 years ago.

“Hello, is this Susan Michaels the caller?” the voice on the other end of the phone asked.  “You don’t know me but I am Jenny Hubert, Gene Hubert’s wife.”  Jenny was calling because she  had just found an obituary I’d written about caller Gene Hubert for Folkworks Magazine in 2006.  If you haven’t seen it, please read my tribute to Gene here …  (Scroll down to page 28 in the magazine…)

Jenny was calling to thank me for what I had written about Gene and how remarkable it was that I’d been so deeply influenced by a man I’d never met.  I told her I’d just been thinking about Gene the night before at the Boxing Day Dance at Citrus College in Glendora, CA.  For the umpteenth time, he’d “rescued me” with a classic dance perfect for all the newcomers.  Jenny had missed seeing my written tribute when it first came out but today is Gene’s birthday and Jenny was spending a little time googling his name … my original obituary came up on the first page of google searches — undoubtedly because of this website which has suddenly given me a “presence” out in the ethereal realm of cyberspace.

Jenny and I spoke for about 15 minutes and later that day she sent me a lengthy and  moving letter about love, life, death, hope, dance, and Gene.  What we shared was deeply personal and not meant for this blog but I must share one thing Jenny said to me because I am forever changed by it.

She told me that when she and Gene married, she wove two hearts together into the infinity symbol and that symbol endures in her heart as Gene’s symbol.  She told me I could borrow it whenever I needed.  “Think about that symbol,” Jenny said, “when you are searching for creative spirit and strength.  You can borrow Gene’s inspiration whenever you need it.”

I have been thinking about that symbol all day.  I am drawing strength from it and marveling at the way the internet has connected me to a guiding spirit I so sorely need right now.

Thank you, Jenny.  Rest in peace, Gene.

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