2009     Death Masks (The History Channel)

IMDB   Trailer

Writer of 2-hour marquee special weaving stories of historical figures with cutting edge technology  to bring life and death mask to life and create a new paradigm for THC documentaries

2009     Secrets of the Founding Fathers (The History Channel)

IMDB YouTube

Writer  of 2-hour marquee special about little known political connections, sexual liaisons and influence of secret societies on founding fathers – Original Air Date: 06.29.09

2008     What Went Wrong:  The Death of Steve Fossett (Discovery Channel)


Writer  of 1-hour documentary about discovery of Fossett remains and forensic study of crash site –

2 week turnaround

2008    The Wedding Planners (WE Network)


Writer  of four 1-hour episodes for reality docu-follow series about wedding planners

2008    Investigation X:  Siberian Apocalypse (Discovery Channel)

IMDB  YouTube

Producer/Writer  of 1-hour documentary – mounting scientific investigation to Siberian wilderness to search for possible causes of mysterious 1908 explosion – Original Air Date: 11.10.08

2008   Investigation X:  Spontaneous Human Combustion (Discovery Channel)

IMDB YouTube

Producer/Writer  of 1-hour documentary – mounting scientific investigation into “reality” of burning death phenomenon known as SHC – Spontaneous Human Combustion – Original Air Date: 10.27.08

2008   Investigation X:  UFO Outbreak (Discovery Channel)


Producer/Writer  of 1-hour documentary – mounting scientific investigation into “reality” of burning death phenomenon known as SHC – Spontaneous Human Combustion – Original Air Date: 10.13.08

2007    Military Miracles (The History Channel)


Writer  of 1-hour pilot on miraculous occurrences during taking of Baghdad in Operation Iraqi Freedom

2002-2007    Mail Call [Series] (The History Channel)


Writer of more than 400 segments (8 seasons) for this popular series of ½ hour and 1-hour shows about military history and hardware, including all host wraps and stand-ups for host R. Lee Ermey

This is such a HUGE list, even with dozens of the 400 episodes missing, you can take a look at this 5-year time-slice of my life gallivanting around the planet with “Gunny” (R. Lee Ermey) and the crew HERE and then pop right back…

2002-2006    Mail Call [Specials] (The History Channel)

Writer of the following 1- and 2-hour specials hosted by R. Lee Ermey:

War in the Pacific (2-hour comprehensive history of Pacific Theater in WWII)


Gulf Coast Disaster (focus on military effort in wake of Hurricane Katrina –  2-week turnaround!)


Back to Vietnam (2-hour personal history-based doc shot on location in Vietnam)


Iwo Jima 60th Anniversary (Shot on location on Guam & Iwo Jima)


D-Day 60th Anniversary (Recreation-heavy 2-hour special shot on location in France)


Live from Operation Iraqi Freedom (Live wraps from Kuwait)


Inside The Pentagon


Christmas on the Front (History of Christmas holidays in wartime)


1998-2007    History Channel Specials (The History Channel)

Writer of the following series pilots and documentaries:

Rogue Waves (tie-in with release of “Poseidon”)

First Flight Around the World (2 hours)


Comanche Warriors (2 hours)


The History of  “War of the Worlds”


Conquest of Hawaii (2 hours)


Dirty Work:  High-Power Linemen (Series Pilot)

Hombres:  The Von Hoffman Brothers (Series Pilot)

Sparta (4 hours)

Apollo 12

The History of Punishment (2 hours)

The True Story of Alien Abduction

The Hell’s Angels

History of Sports I – Combat Sports (2 hours)

History of Sports II – Taming the Games (2 hours)

Natural Mummies

The Alamo Scouts

The Search for Noah’s Ark

American Stonehenge


Operation Magic Carpet

America‘s Secret Societies

America‘s Most Secret Agency (history of the NSA – National Security Agency)

The Mysterious Pyramids of Japan (a THC underwater expedition to Yonaguni, Japan)

The Secret Celebrity Files of the FBI

Mind Control (History of CIA’s human mind control experiments)

Area 51 (History of Skunk Works/USAF super-secret testing facility)

Carlos the Jackal

The History of Mars

A Secret Story (Italian-American internment during WWII)

The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List

The Howard Hughes Hoaxes

Vanished (Bios of George Mallory, Judge Crater, D.B. Cooper, Raoul Wallenberg, Madalyn Murray-O’Hair)

Protocols of the Elders of Zion  (Roots of Jewish world conspiracy theory)

The Hitler Diaries

The Alien Hunters (History of deep space exploration)

The Brownsville Raid

2004                            Safety Challenge:  Street Scams (Court TV)

Writer of 1-hour hidden camera special where former scam artists teach their tricks of their trade:

2000            Joan Lunden:  Behind Closed Doors (A&E)

Culinary Institute of America / Maximum Security Prison / Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Writer for these 3 1-hour, single-subject BCDs:  Hosted by: Joan Lunden

2000            Travel Channel’s Secrets Of …                                                                       (The Travel Channel)

Writer of 2 hours:  Secrets of Hollywood, Secrets of Las Vegas

2000            Follow the Money (TLC)

Writer for 1-hour special on money in Las Vegas

1999-2000   Beyond Chance (Lifetime)

Sole Writer for pilot, Segment Writer for this 1-hour magazine series of “otherworldly” stories for women

Hosted by:  Melissa Etheridge

1999            Exploring the Unknown / XPOSED (Fox Family Channel)

Wrap and Segment Writer for this 1-hour magazine series featuring the debunking of “Sightings”-type stories

Hosted by:  Mitch Pileggi

1999              Home for The Holidays (CBS)

Wrap & Segment Writer for this 1-hour music/variety/public affairs special featuring stories about adoption

Hosted by:  Steven Spielberg, Candace Bergen, Rene Russo, Ray Liotta, Morgan Freeman, etc.

1992-1998     Sightings (Fox/Synd/Sci-Fi)

Sole Writer of over 100 episodes for this reality-based series about the paranormal

Hosted by:  Tim White

1998              When You Believe:  Music From the Prince of Egypt (ABC)


Writer for this 1-hour music/variety special

Hosted by:  Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston

1998              The Underground Railroad (The History Channel)


Producer and Writer for this 2-hour THC Special Presentation — Cine Golden Eagle Award – Best Documentary

Hosted by:  Alfre Woodard

1998              Danger In Our Skies (UPN)


Producer and Writer for this 1-hour UPN Special investigating 34 seconds of alleged UFO footage

1998              Abduction:  The Real Story (Sci-Fi Channel)


Producer and Writer for this 2-hour Sightings Special Investigation into alien abduction

1998              Moms of a Lifetime (Lifetime)


Writer for this 1-hour Special profiling 5 mothers and daughters – Winner:  Cable Ace, Best Non-fiction Program

Hosted by:  Jane Fonda


2009           Spot411 “Splainer-Video”
( Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, Spot411 and The Cimarron Group)

Spot411 is an interactive entertainment application with the ability to instantly display information on actors, locations, music, facts, trivia and much more about movies and TV shows by way of your laptop or smart phone. Connect live through Facebook or Twitter to leave comments for family, friends and others that share your passion for entertainment.


Sightings (Simon & Schuster, 1996)

Sightings:  UFOs (Simon & Schuster, 1997)



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